The crystal-colour-light-technology

Helpful for:

  • Regeneration
  • Rejuvenation
  • Depression
  • Activation of self-healing
  • May accompany cancer treatment and all serious illnesses
  • Spiritual development

The crystal-colour-light-technology combines the results of  the newest scientific research about biophotons, light frequencies, (Univ.Prof.Dr.F.A.Popp) and century old understanding of the harmonizing results of light, colours, sacred geometric forms, sounds, etc……for all beings.
This crystal-colour-light-technology produces and potentizes harmonic light energy. Be-Wellung means waves are being applied. The biophotons permeate through the cells through the skin and through the eyes to the epiphyse. They vitalize, harmonize, regenerate and inform every cell.

Illness is a loss of life energy and light energy. The light that sick cells emit is detectably lower in degree of ordination than light emitted by healthy cells. Medicine is increasingly changing toward a viewpoint, which acknowledges and integrates biophysical findings into its aim to help humans.
Additionally, missing information can be sent into your body field with minerals, plant elixirs, crystals, homeopathic substances and so on.