Radionik Quantec

What is it?
Radionik Quantec is the oldest instrumental healing method. Studies by the University of Freiburg(Germany) and Princeton University (USA) were able to scientifically prove that matter is influenced through mental processes. Through modern technology Radionik gains a new dimension. Morphogenetic fields are able to be scanned and informed. 
Everything in our world is surrounded by those fields –everything, including plants, animals and humans  – everything is connected  through these fields. It is also in these fields that sickness and unbalance, due to different causes, begins. Healing is able to take place where the causes of an unbalance begin. Morphogenetic fields are an electromagnetic phenomenon, thus, they can be changed through electromagnetic waves.

How the therapy works:
The morphogenetic field is scanned and weaknesses are regulated through radionik waves of the different databanks, such as sacred geometry, minerals, plant elixirs, flower essences, spagyrik essences, affirmations, homeopathic substances, nosodes, etc. For at least one month, every three hours, you receive the information most needed for healing the current physical or psychological issue. You do not have to be present. All that is needed is a photo from you, your animal, house and some information about the issue or sickness.